Jon Lampel’s 35-year work with LeasEquip

April 20, 2016
It was 35 years ago that Jon Lampel stopped working for others, stopped punching a clock every day toward various projects or his previous career in the financial industry, and began working for himself as an entrepreneur and businessman. In 1981, just after getting a taste of the leasing industry from self-made millionaire John Anderson and the firm he founded Topa Equipment Leasing, Inc., Lampel decided to form a loan and leasing company of his own. Alongside a partner, the beginnings of LeasEquip emerged. Then called Prudential Capital Corporation, the company found its foothold in the Los Angeles region.

Across more than three decades, Lampel’s company has flourished. After a name change to LeasEquip in 1988, rebranding helped the business thrive. Specializing in equipment leasing, the business also handles commercial financing and investment banking. Since inception, LeasEquip has provided more than 600 leases and loans to companies across a variety of industries, from medical and aerospace to entertainment, energy, finance and construction. The amount of capital supplied to other business owners exceeds nine figures across 35 years. LeasEquip and Lampel have become significantly successful in California with goals to continue prospering and aiding others in the years ahead.